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Duplicate database from RAC to Single node

I bet you know how to duplicate database from primary, or read only standby databases. But do you know how to duplicate from active database RAC environment into Single instance node without ASM or any shared file system? It’s really awkward feeling while searching this simple information, because no one mention about it. While you duplicating database from RAC to the Single, you needs to configure controlfile snapshot to the ASM or shared filesystem. If you haven’t any, you need to create some. Fortunately we’ve got very small ASM diskgroup only for ocr and voting files. So we can involve this group to our process.

rman target sys/pass@RO_standby auxiliary sys/pass@AIM_standby

RMAN> configure snapshot controlfile name to '+ocrvt/hostname';
RMAN> duplicate target database for standby from active database nofilenamecheck;

The duplicate process just using this controlfile snapshot for creating normal controlfile in location which mention in the spfile.

How to convert snapshot standby to primary

In our test environment we are using flashback technology. This technology afford to us to keep our test servers in the actual state regarding to production server, and the same time give the opportunity for testers make their tests for the new features for our system. We can roll back all changes which has made our testers, and roll forward all new changes which has made on primary server without restore whole database. This is very convenient. Couple days ago my colleague asked me if I can convert snapshot standby to primary without roll back changes which has made on this standby. This is important point, because in a normal way if you want to convert snapshot standby  you have to flashback your database, and roll back all changes. But we can escape this.

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