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ASM data scrubbing for fixing ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header

Today I’ve stumbled upon on ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header during making backup through RMAN.

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How to modify datafile header through BBED

Look back upon this month I remembered that, I was successfully modified datafile header through BBED, but didn’t write about it at all. And I figured out, it is isn’t right, because when I will need to use it again I will have to struggle to remember.

Some time ago, I helped to migrate Oralce database from Windows platform to Linux platform. During migration was happened some strange situation. When RMAN finished his “convert datafile” work, controlfile wasn’t created successfully, stumbled upon an error ORA-01161. Off course I used “SET DATABASE” when was try to create controlfile. And what is more interesting all files was successfully updated their headers except only one file.

Bellow I’m described how we can modify data in the header.

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