ORA-15095: reached maximum ASM file size (48000 GB) for this disk group

Lately, I’ve stumbled upon this error while trying to create ADVM volume equal 100Tb.

I’ve got applied “DATABASE BUNDLE PATCH: (24732088)” and this attributes for disk group.

ASMCMD> lsattr -G data -l
Name Value
access_control.enabled FALSE
access_control.umask 066
appliance._partnering_type NULL
au_size 1048576
cell.smart_scan_capable FALSE
cell.sparse_dg allnonsparse
content.check FALSE
content.type data
disk_repair_time 48h
failgroup_repair_time 48h
idp.boundary auto
idp.type dynamic
logical_sector_size 512
phys_meta_replicated true
sector_size 512
thin_provisioned FALSE

The documentation tells me that.

Oracle ASM supports file sizes greater than 128 TB in any redundancy mode when the COMPATIBLE.RDBMS disk group attribute is set greater than 10.1.

Also if I use “ASMCMD HELP” it confirms that the oracle documentation tells us.

ASMCMD> help volcreate
-s size - Size of the volume to be created in units
of K, M, G, T, P or E. The unit designation
must be appended to the number specified.
No space is allowed. For example: 20G
The current maximum size of a volume is 127T.

But I couldn’t create ADVM volume greater than 47Tb.

SQL> /* ASMCMD */alter diskgroup data add volume 'local' size 100T
Thu Feb 16 01:58:55 2017
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15095: reached maximum ASM file size (48000 GB) for this disk group

The same situation when I’ve tried to increase already existing ADVM volume.

acfsutil size +10T /local
acfsutil size: CLSU-00100: operating system function: ioctl failed with error data: 1
acfsutil size: CLSU-00101: operating system error message: Operation not permitted
acfsutil size: CLSU-00103: error location: OI_0
acfsutil size: ACFS-03005: unable to resize /local

So, the reason is hiding in AU_SIZE (Allocation Unit Size). When you creating the disk group, usually you are not setting au_size with special size, and disk group is creating with default value 1M. For example, au_size=1M is working up to 47Tb volumes, au_size=4M is working up to 60Tb. In my situation for ADVM volume equal 100Tb, I have to use au_size=16M. Unfortunately, I haven’t enough disk spaces to finding all au_size’s. But I and Bane Radulovic (asmsupportguy.blogspot.com) is working to make changes in the Oracle Documentation to clear this situation.


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