CRS-4535 and CRS-4534

Today I was unable to start crsd through “crsctl start crs”

# /opt/oracle/product/grid/ check crs
CRS-4638: Oracle High Availability Services is online
CRS-4535: Cannot communicate with Cluster Ready Services
CRS-4529: Cluster Synchronization Services is online
CRS-4534: Cannot communicate with Event Manager

I’ve seen this error in alert.log

[crsd(26330)]CRS-0805:Cluster Ready Service aborted due to failure to communicate with Cluster Synchronization Service with error [3]. Details at (:CRSD00109:) in /opt/oracle/product/grid/
2014-03-24 15:23:49.562:
[ohasd(25932)]CRS-2765:Resource 'ora.crsd' has failed on server 'db'.

And this error in crsd.log

2014-03-24 15:43:51.616: [ CRSMAIN][1929062128] Connecting to the CSS Daemon
2014-03-24 15:43:51.619: [ CRSRTI][1929062128] CSS is not ready. Received status 3
2014-03-24 15:43:51.619: [ CRSD][1929062128] Created alert : (:CRSD00109:) : Could not init the CSS context, error: 3
2014-03-24 15:43:51.619: [ CRSD][1929062128][PANIC] CRSD exiting: Could not init the CSS context, error: 3
2014-03-24 15:43:51.619: [ CRSD][1929062128] Done.

Finally this error in evmd.log

2014-03-24 16:43:40.136: [ COMMCRS][1076160832]clsclisten: Permission denied for (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=dbDBG_EVMD))

2014-03-24 16:43:40.136: [ clsdmt][1104275776]Fail to listen to (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=dbDBG_EVMD))
2014-03-24 16:43:40.136: [ clsdmt][1104275776]Terminating process
2014-03-24 16:43:40.136: [ default][1104275776] EVMD exiting on stop request from clsdms_thdmai
2014-03-24 16:43:40.136: [ default][1104275776] Done.

All you need that remove all in (/tmp/.oracle), (/var/tmp/.oracle) and restart Oracle Clusterware.


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