Troubleshooting GI 11R2 startup issues

How to startup GI if ip address had changed?

When you try to start GI.

crsctl start crs

You will see this error in log.

[crsd(28606)]CRS-0804:Cluster Ready Service aborted due to Oracle Cluster Registry error [PROC-44: Error in network address and interface operations
Network address and interface operations error [7]]. Details at (:CRSD00111:) in /opt/oracle/product/grid112/log/some_name/crsd/crsd.log.2013-06-04 19:56:45.170
[ohasd(27339)]CRS-2765:Resource 'ora.crsd' has failed on server 'some_name'.2013-06-04 19:56:45.170[ohasd(27339)]CRS-2771:Maximum restart attempts reached for resource
'ora.crsd'; will not restart.

You need execute this.

crsctl start crs -excl -nocrs
crsctl modify res ora.cluster_interconnect.haip -attr "ENABLED=0" -init
crsctl stop crs -f

And then start GI as normal.

crsctl start crs

Key “-init” allows you to work with resources without crsd.


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