How clean FND_NODES and Run Autoconfig?

Apps DBA notes

Below the steps to clean FND_NODES table and run Autoconfig in right order

1 – Cleant FN_NODES table

run as APPS user


2 –  Run Autoconfig On the database tier first

scripts/ <Context_name>/

3- Run Autoconfig On the Apps Tier


Notes :

– The  Context_name is  <SID>_<hostname> like DEV_SERVER1

– .sh for Unix and you can use .cmd for windows .

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Sad story about Oracle RDS and Infiniband relationship.

Hello everyone. Today I wanna tell you story how I’ve tried fit the RDMA with the help ISCSI iSER, and Oracle RDS into Infiniband environment. Looking ahead I’ll say. Oracle is not supporting RDS protocol outside of Oracle Engineered systems aka Exadata. This is the official position of Oracle which confirmed by the supporting team, but this information doesn’t exists in the documentation which is so rediculous. The support engineer is told me that, “there are so many systems which we are not supporting, so we don’t  consider is necessary to put this information into the documentation”. This is nice, isn’t it?

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